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  • Hi Annie & Rachel! It’s great that you found us. We are small but we are a very supportive community and I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe make some new friends.
  • Hi Lisa, I’m Sarah and I’m new around here too. I’ve been hoping to help provide some support and advice to people in this community. I’m so glad you found a good coach, who ‘clicks’ with you and has been able to help you. Making changes to your lif…
  • Hi Olivia. I’m happy you found this place and I hope you can get some good support here and find someone to talk to, who’ll listen without judgement.
  • Hi! When I found my daughter was self harming, I sat down and talked to her about it without making a big deal of it, or making her feel like she’d done anything wrong. We agreed that I’d never tell her off or ask her not to do it, if she agreed to …
  • Hi Helen, I’m echoing what’s been said above about letting your daughter take back a bit of control over how to wear her hair and how she’d like to cover it (if she does!). Letting her pick out her own headscarves and look up fancy ways to tie them …
  • I’ve found knitting to be a wonderful way of breaking destructive habits, with the added bonus of everyone in the house never running out of socks! If you pick simple patterns and stitches it can be something easily done in front of the TV or anytim…
  • Hi! I’m new around here but hoping to help people to connect with this community and to access all the wonderful support that’s available here.
  • Hi Marco. First of all, welcome and I hope you can find this to be a safe space to talk about things with like minded people who know how you’re feeling. Secondly, don’t be afraid to set boundaries with people and tell them that the things they say …
  • I find sometimes that if I’m restless or anxious, then that can lead to destructive habits. Maybe taking up a craft like knitting or needlework can help you occupy your brain and hands enough to provide some distraction and a sense of achievement? I…
  • Hi Rosie, it sounds like things are kind of stressful at the moment and I hope you can find some good support here from people who are having the same kind of feelings as you. In the meantime, I’m linking you to some support pages for you to have a …
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