Trich Help

Hey, so Ive had trich since I was about 11, now 29. Its the first time Ive decided to open up about it since therapy at age 14.

Ive been burying it and struggling on alone, managing really well for several weeks, then relapsing to all night pull sessions from my head. I also have trichotillophagia which just makes you feel worse.

I havent let it get in the way of life and believe its made me stronger, but having a wife due with our first born in 3 weeks time, I think I should speak to others with similar issues and open up a bit more about it.

Does anyone have any tips for managing crazy pull sessions? Literally just tried squeezing my hand into a fist and works a treat!


  • Hi James,

    Welcome to the forum and ywell done for coming on and writing. I’m 36 and started pulling my lashes around the age of 11. Before I joined coaching through this page, “,” I had virtually no lashes and was wearing false lashes. I’ve been in coaching over a year, and my longest PF stint was 70 days. I’ve done 60 days as well, but what I’ve learnt is my self worth is not related to how many hairs I have. It’s a hard journey, but I don’t get upset with myself as much now when I do relapse, I accept it, email my coach and move on. My coach is incredibly supportive and If it wasn’t for her, and my efforts too, I’d still be bald.

    I keep my hands busy as much as I can, I try not to sit in the same place for too long, I have loads of reminders on my phone (reminding me to be kind to myself & to remain PF in just this moment.) I apply coconut oil when I can, that helps with regrowth and sore patches too.

    I hope you can find support through this page, and keep us updated on how you’re doing.

    Take care, you can do this.
    Lisa x
  • Hi James, well done for reaching out! You're definitely not alone with trich. There are some useful tips on the website here: and lots of lovely, knowledgeable people on the forums :) .

    Your baby must be due any day now! How exciting. Best of luck to you and your wife :)

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