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  • What a lovely post, Joy.

    I hope you are feeling better and have a few good days behind you now. If not, maybe now is the time to start afresh? It is interesting that you are so rarely pulling now (we call this PPF or practically pull free) and yet the days you really notice are the ones you pull.

    Go easy on yourself, this is a strong condition and you are well on your way to recovery.

    Most people with this condition will continue pulling throughout their life. You're showing you are not one of those people. If you pull once every three days or once every 35 days, or even once every day, you're still doing better than most people with this condition.

    We often feel rubbish about ourselves because compare ourselves with others who DON'T have tric. That's not comparing like for like. Oranges is not apples!!!

    You can do this and you are resisting urges every single day.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi All,

    Really lovely to hear from you Joy, and welcome to the forum worriedmum, we’re all in the same boat, so don’t feel worried, we’re here to support you.

    I absolutely hear you with the slip ups Joy. My goodness, it’s been a struggle if late. Neo, as normal, has been incredible, and I can’t thank/you enough❤️ I’m definitely comparing at the moment, but comparing me to me. This is what you had and looked like, now look at you!
    I definitely need to come on here more and report my daily progress, it definitely helped before.

    Anyway, hopefully Joy, you’ve got a few days PF now like Neo said. Hopefully you’re also doing ok worried Mum.

    Take care all,
  • Hi all,

    Just a quick one, as it’s late and I’m heading to bed. Slipped up again today, eventually pulling 4. I’m not cross at myself for once. Just reminding myself that was then and this is now, and saying “can’t pull won’t pull.” I’ve popped some coconut oil on and am fiddling with a ring of mine.
    Hope you’re all doing ok.

    L xx

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick note. Feeling good, and glad to say day 4 PF! I’m doing some mindfulness exercises, and taking time for me (really trying to listen to what my bidy is wanting from me.)
    Right now, I need some sleep, so will come in again soon.

    Take care everyone xx

  • Hi all,

    Just climbed into bed, as have a really bad headache. Was going to do a workout, but listened to my body and am going for rest. Had a good day, did some more mindfulness techniques, just to help slow my brain, and reminding myself “it’s ok, I’m ok.”

    Hope everyone else is still all doing ok.

  • Hi all,

    Felt so much better for an early night last night. Just heading up in a mo, as I’ve done a yoga workout, as well as 2 other mindfulness activities today (one being with the kids. )

    Chat soon,

  • Hi Lisa

    It sounds like you are doing so much positive stuff at the moment. It is important. You're doing really well and I think what's really important is to assess, on that scale of 0-10, how much effort you are putting into your own wellbeing right now.

    THAT is what's keeping you pull free, and if you aim for that number, you won't find it hard at all.

    I know life takes over … but remember you are also teaching others to care for themselves.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Thanks Neo,

    Definitely agree. I’m putting much more effort in at the moment, but want to maintain that no matter what. 8 days PF today, and have done a mindfulness activity with the family, and a 10 minute meditation earlier on today as well.

    Off to bed now
    Night all.xx

  • Hi all,

    A slightly hectic day yesterday, so a nice chilled day today. Heading out tmrw, so that will be nice, and hopefully I can continue my PF’dom! 😉

    Night all,

  • Evening all,

    So, slipped up yesterday and pulled one, but stopped it there, so very proud of myself. Had a nice relaxing bath this evening, and now just heading to bed.

    Chat sooon.
    L x

  • Hi all,

    Hope everyone’s doing well. I’m-doing good, and feel quite good with myself. S finitely making time for me, and noticing that difference.

    I’ve checked in with myself this morning (how likely am I to pull today) and know that it’s over 1/2 way, so when I sit down later, I have my tools ready.

    Take care. Xx

  • Well done, Lisa. We really should recognise just how successful it is to stop at ONE hair pulled - very few people with tric can do that!

    I am really tired today and would love to go back to bed but I have an interview for a documentary on Tric today so I will stay awake and take one for the team.

    Have a great day!

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi all

    It is hard to stop at one, and I’ve pulled oneagaib tonight, and am struggling. Coconut oil is on, spikey ball is in my hand, breathing technique and just trying to focus on being PF just in this moment. My lovely hubby is with me, and trying to help me- unfortunately, I’m finding it irritating, but I know his hearts in the right place and he doesn’t want me hurting myself.

    Off to bed shortly,
    Night all x

  • So unfortunately i pulled one last night and one again today. However, I did stop after one again, and have been lying in bed watching a film. My other 1/2 put the kids to bed, so I could chill.
    I didn’t do any yoga tonight, but really enjoyed watching the film,

    Speak soon,

  • Hi all,

    Just heading to bed, as I have a really bad headache and ear ache- have been taking tablets all day for it.
    Hope everyone’s ok.

  • Slipped up again today, only a couple and my error ( take makeup off with wipes!)
    Doing ok, and not too mad at myself. Noticing my feelings. Did another 10 minute meditation today and just going to complete a yoga routine ready for bed.


  • Hi Everyone!

    A special thanks to Lisa and Neo for keeping this thread going!

    The last bit of time has been difficult. Many ups and downs, But now I'm starting to reach only upwards! Trying to at least....

    I've had so so much going on the past few weeks and it's a shame I haven't gotten on here to share it and express my feelings a bit, but there's no time better than now!

    I've also started on a new job that's keeping me really busy now, (too busy), but the good thing is I'm enjoying it, and it's keeping me busy and feeling fulfilled!

    So just though I'd drop by and tell you all I'm with you in the struggle, and thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one struggling too!

    The not such good news: I've been going through so many feelings and kept on falling back into trichs hands.

    The good news: BY NOW I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! Today is day one PF!

    Will keep counting on here...

    Have a gorgeous weekend all of you! 😘

    Just enjoy to BE!

    Loads of lovexxxxxxxx!


  • Hi

    It's been a lovely and restful weekend! Hope the same for all of you...
    So that surely helped me get by PF, well!

    Today shall be day 3!!!
    Looking forward to making it a real success!

    Busy day at work, just about squeezed this in to say hi to all of you out there!

    Waiting to hear from the rest of you...

    Have a fabulous and PF day!!🤩

    Lot's of love,

  • Hi all!

    Hope you are all well?!

    So glad it's a week of success today!
    "The greater the struggle; the better the results"
    That sure is what I'm feeling right now...!

    I'm mighty proud of myself, because it really has been difficult and had to stop myself many times!

    Best wishes to all of you!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  • Hi all!

    Last week was pretty okay but lost it over the weekend.
    Back on track now, 3 days PF!

    keeping up with listening to recordings and it really helps a lot!
    Thanks again Neo for it!

    Realized that my downfall probably had to do with my change in diet and the junk food I was eating - also stress related... But I'm back to my cucumbers now and feel better already. Guess it's the self-care thing...

    I hope you are all well!

    I would really love to hear from you out there...

    Best regards for now,
    Joy, xxxx

  • Hi everyone!

    It's been an exhausting week, glad it's come to an end now!
    But at least I've been stable trich wise...

    Hope you're all okay?

    Best of luck,

  • Hi Joy - what's with the cucumbers, lol? Surely there is not another person who (like me) eats whole cucumbers like fruit? My family think it is hilarious!

    I'm so pleased to hear you have been getting on well with the trichotillomania mp3 - I think it is that you have.

    There is nothing so wonderful as a good hypnosis session - nothing like getting high on your own supply in this way. I am also on a great run of listening to a (weight loss) hypnotherapy every night and sooooo enjoying it.

    I hope you are looking forward to Christmas and hope to see others back here soon. Missing Lisa and Michelle in particular.

    Thanks for your support, Joy. Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Joy,

    How’s your weekend been?

    Apologies I’ve been absent for a while, I just felt like I was talking to myself on here. However, I know we all need support.

    I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish today. A friend situation has occurred, and Neo will know about this as I’ve spoken may time’s to her about it .

    We’re a three, and the dynamic has changed over the last year. I’ve struggled with the change, and have felt left out. Sounds very childish, I know, but can’t help how I feel.
    Two of us always include the other one, but I woke up this morning to see on FB, they had gone to the gym together. I’m not upset that they’ve gone together, just feel sad that I wasn’t asked. They both know I like exercise, BUT, I’ve tried to rationalise it by thinking,
    1) They knew I’d been poorly this last week
    2) They both now have membership there
    3) They CAN do things without me
    4) One friend is helping the other, and I do help in other ways.
    5) I’m just as worthy and I do help them both in different ways.

    I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling, and can feel moments of anger inside me. I’m just reminding myself, it’s ok to feel this way. It will pass, but I’ve got to let it pass. That’s what I’m finding hard, and can’t understand why I’M punishing myself when they’ve not really done anything wrong.
    I have a another good group of friends, and one of them knows how I’ve felt this year with these two particular friends. I haven’t said anything to her, but may try and catch up with her as I find it helpful.

    Anyway, I will do my best to come back on here more frequently, it will help me with the battles in my head as well.

    Speak to you all soon,

  • Hi, Neo, Lisa and all the rest...

    Thanks for posting again!

    Cucumbers are the queens of my diet!🥒 Glad to hear there are others in this kingdom!😉

    Neo, I totally agree with your hypnosis attitude. I'm all for it lately! I would actually love to try a real session once...

    Lisa, I've been granted with the same experience and writing on here myself did indeed make me feel lonely round here. So so happy you came to join me again!

    It's interesting that you bring up this friend situation, because I've literally been going through the same thing recently with a threesome friendship I'm in - or maybe _was _in?!

    It's difficult. And horrible to feel left out and alone in a sense too.
    I can't express how much I feel with you since I'm in the same boat!

    But your rationalization really is the thing! It made me rethink _my _friendship too. thank you for popping it on here. I think it's pretty brave of you!🥇

    Wonder how the is whole situation affected your pulling though?
    It made me break my Pull freedom, which sure was a **big **shame!

    But from here it's onwards and upwards, and we don't forget each other, so that is a strong bond!

    Best of luck to all of you!

    Have an amazing week ahead!!!😍

    Joy xxx

  • Hi Ladies

    Sorry to hear you are both in the middle (literally) of a friend situation. Just remember that we are all one being, there is no separation. If one suffers, we all suffer and when one is calm and relaxed it relaxes and calms the rest.

    We solve problems, we don't dwell on them. That's not to say we try not to think about the problem, but instead that we actively do something positive and loving whenever we find ourselves worrying or blaming ourselves.

    The problem isn't the thinking, it's the lack of action!

    Love and freedom

  • Thank-you Joy and Neo. If I could cuddle you both I would. 😘❤️

    It’s plagued me a lot today, to the point where I’ve tried to arrange to meet up with one of them (but played it cool.) I’m seeing them both on Thursday and just didn’t want to be in that “oh I was saying to X “ & “X said this” etc etc. It has affected my PF sadly- ended up being 6 pulled today. I’m always honest when I do pull though, and Email Neo.
    The bit I’m struggling on , is to write to Neo, or on here when I feel it’s going o happen or I’m touching them. I guess it’s the mindset of, the pulling is easier.😞
    It’s nice to to know I’m not alone on the friendship thing, I hate feeling this way and do completely recognise the craziness of it all.

    You’re definitely right about our bond on here, and I do forget that, so thank-you Joy.

    Going to head to bed. Night all xx

  • Aw, guys - you're great. You are right, Lisa, lets have a group hug!

    This picture isn't a group hug - in fact it is pretty peculiar but I like it

    Sorry to hear that you pulled, Lisa and that's just tric telling you not to email me before, so you get to pull instead! Well done for your honesty, though.

    OK, gotta go. I just did something really impulsive and bought someone a phone for Christmas. Anyone know a good shrink, lol

    Love and freedom

  • Hi all!

    Lisa I'm sad for you that it's been difficult for you. I hope things are turning out better now... 😘

    Love the sound of a group hug! I gave myself one when I read that. It's a bit like we're having a group hug together alone! I think it's about giving ourselves an extra pat on the back, an extra moment of kindness. Kinda like recognizing that WE are NOT TRICH, it's a PART of us that an be TRAINED, and we need not feel DOWN about it!! We can also have a life apart from trich! Then it's also easier to stop IN or better said BEFORE the act I assume.

    So here goes my little bit of self kindness:
    I bought myself a guitar the other day! 🎸 I'm going to learn to play guitar at this ripe old age!😄
    It's a great thing because then both my hands will be busy, and I won't be pulling!!!
    It's already helped to distract me!
    I'll keep you posted how my new learning curve goes!

    Neo, thanks for lightening the atmosphere with your brilliant sense of humor!
    I have a great liking to that picture! Wanna just snuggle up with the lovely cat!
    Oh and Neo, I hope that gift was for me!😜😆😍

    Besst of luck staying PF from here!

    Love you all,

  • Hi Joy, Neo and everyone else.
    Happy Birthday Joy, the cake was delicious!😉

    I’ve pulled for the last three days, and sadly have made a gap (not had one of those in nearly two years. I’ve had to go and buy false lashes just to cover that patch, Re the friend situation. One of them I saw yesterday, and I was really surprised how much she opened up to me ( in the 9 years I’ve known her, she’s never done that.) She’s having a hard time, but puts a front on ( just goes to show.) 😞
    Anyway, it made me look and assess things differently. I’m seeing them both tmrw, and where at the start of the week, o was dreading hearing about them being together, ivecraalised, it doesn’t matter. We actually all need each other for different things. I’m not saying that something may not be said, and I’ll feel a pang if hurt, but I think if I can look at things through this mindset, then it’s much more useful to us all.

    Neo sent me a great email yesterday, it covered PAC, and oddity, when this friend started talking, and I came home and re digested everything, I was able to put it into PAC. Yes, adapted child says it’s not fair, critical parents bagging me and saying “that’s you put now” and then adult made me write her a little note to let her know I was there for her, just as she had been for me (even though critical parent feels otherwise.)
    I do apologise for going on about the situation, but this has been pretty much on going since Match this year. I’ve made myself VERY ill over the situation, and looking back, thee was no point, but it’s taught me something’s about myself, and so I needed to go through it as painful as it’s been. In bed now. Going for an early night.

    Thanks for writing on here Joy & Neo. I’ve definitely needed it.

    Neo, did you get anywhere re some of us getting together? I’d love to arrange something.


  • Hi all,

    Just sat having some lunch whilst looking after my nephew who’s fast asleep!😉

    Saw the two friends this morning, and it was actually really lovely.
    Yes, they’ve gone on to have lunch together, I couldn’t today, but I was fine. I could feel critical parent sneaking in and Adapted child, BUT my parent voice kicked arse!! Sorry for the language, but she did AND I felt equal to them both Neo!!!😉 I’ve got a long way to go, but really need to remember this for the future.

    Heading off to see another friend shortly, and feeling good. Managed to apply the lashes in the gaps. Neo, although it’s not the point, you can’t tell.

    Feeling good, and like Trich can do one!
    Much love to you all,

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