I'm new to this forum

I have suffered trichotillomania for nearly 40 years. I am now 53 and still get the urge to pull and eat the white bulb at the end of the hair. At first when ever I stopped my hair would grow back just as thick but now my hair is so fine like a new borns hair my scalp is sometimes visible. I regret ever doing this now and wish that I looked for help earlier in my life


  • Hi Akos

    Welcome aboard! Lovely to see you.

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had this for so long. I am slightly older than you and I pulled for 27 years, with exactly the same behaviour of eating the white bulb.

    My hair no longer regrows despite being pull free since 2002, so I completely understand your call. Likewise, I wish I had been able to accept help earlier. However, I can honestly say that being pull free NOW is still magical and meaningful, even without significant regrowth.

    The pulling itself is not the problem, but the anxiety beneath it, at least for 99% of people with trichotillomania. Meanwhile remember you wouldn't blame yourself for any other type of illness and don't need to blame yourself for this.

    One thing you do doesn't make up YOU.

    Love and pull freedom

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