Hair pulling while asleep

Hi, My 12 year old daughter has been twisting and pulling her hair for almost 18minths now and it has become a real problem as the area which is affected has become very noticeable and I’m struggling to cover the damaged area with her remaining hair! My biggest concern is that she is pulling at her hair during her sleep and wondered if anyone has any suggestions Of anything I can do to help her prevent this please?


  • Hi Becky!

    You could try barrier methods, such as a hat, gloves, or finger covers. You could also try putting coconut oil in her hair. It can help to improve hair condition and makes it difficult to pull at the same time - no grip! Just mind your pillows...

    Hypnotherapy can also be very effective overnight and can be played on repeat while your daughter sleeps.

    Have you tried keeping a journal to see if you can identify any patterns related to your daughters pulling?

    There's also a video for parents here:

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