Hi guys,

It's my first time here and it's also my first time telling anyone about my hair-picking. I hope that you guys could give me advice to get over this habit so that it doesn't get more serious... I am 14 years old and this has been going on for quite a while now, ever since 6th grade I've had the urge. My parents noticed around 7th grade, but didn't do anything, and now I've just learned to do it in more inconspicuous places such as arms and legs, not eyelashes like I used to. I'm terrified one of my friends will notice... I don't even know why I still do it- I know it's bad for me but I honestly can't help myself. I waste a lot of time doing this, and my grades are slipping. Please, help! I really really really don't want to spend the rest of my life in this cage.

Thank you!


  • Hi anigna21

    You should feel incredibly proud for coming in here, well done you. I’m nearly 36 and have pulled for over 20 years (started when I was 11, with my lashes.)

    Since doing the coaching programme through this page,, I have a full set of lashes, which I never thought possible. I have been in coaching just over a year, and when I started I was wearing fake lashes and was virtually bald, so please be assured, there is hope. The fact that you’ve come in here, shows you’re wanting to stop. I still have the odd slip up, but where as a slip up would be 10+, i now only do one (2 at the most) and really focus on not getting cross when I do it. I used to beat myself up badly after I’d pull, that would then cause a downward spiral , and hey presto, is pull again. Ring kind to myself and reassuring myself that, “it will be ok, I WILL be ok,” helps calm me and keep me focused. I have numerous reminders on my phone which remind me of different things (eg, remains PF in just that moment and no more.)

    I believe in you, and hopefully you’ll enjoy coming in here and writing and letting us know how you’re doing.

    Take care & stay strong,
    Lisa x
  • Hi Anigna21

    Welcome aboard. I can understand how low you feel and this is a time in your life when you so deserve to be able to smile and laugh and feel good about your appearance. Lisa has offered you some wonderful advice and I really hope that you feel at home here and can talk about it. You're not alone - part of our fun little family now. Please stick with us and feel confident about having people who understand.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Sorry about the problems with the site over the past couple of days.

    Love and freedom

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