I’m new.

28 year old female that’s been pulling for 16 years and kept it secret.

I went to get help at the docs for the first time ever yesterday and now I feel all sorts of emotions. Like, now it feels real. I REALLY have a problem. Sigh. I hope I can get help. I’m so sad about it all. Bald patches, thinning hair....I feel so ugly and like a freak.

Has anyone got any tips?

Curlylocks xx


  • Hi curlylocks.

    Firstly welcome to the forum, & well done for coming on. I started pulling at around 11, and I’m currently 35! My pulling has become less (I pull my lashes) since doing coaching through this page, “coaching.care.” I went to the Drs a few years back and remember admitting I had trich. Like yourself, my emotions were all over the place, as suddenly I had told someone outside.

    I hope the Dr can help you. My personal experience, they didn’t. I got referred to counselling & did CBT. We looked at my past and the triggers that could’ve caused the pulling. What I’ve learnt through the coaching on this page, & through the wonderful people on here, is that it’s the condition that makes us pull, it’s not us.
    I still slip up, my longest PF stint was 70 odd days last year & then 60 odd days this summer.
    I find lots of things may build up towards the pulling, anxiety, boredom, over thinking etc, BUT, I pull because I have trich.

    Don’t feel sad, feel proud. You’ve taken two massive steps, one for coming on here, & for going to the Dr- I’m really proud of you! Also, as hard as it is to believe, you’re not a freak. I remember chatting to my coach on here, & telling her that, when I first started. She told me the same, and with time I believed her. We’re not freaks & the amount of hair we have doesn’t relate to our self worth. We are us, and we’re all great.

    Lots of cyber hugs being sent.
    Keep in touch.
    Lisa xx
  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for the reply, and for your story and advice and support - I appreciate it all so much!

    Wow that amount of days to be pull free is such an achievement! I can’t go one day without pulling at the moment ☹️ I’ll be starting CBT and counselling in the near future I reckon...just need to be put on a waiting list.

    Would you recommend trich toys?

    Curly locks xxx hugs back
  • Hi curlylocks,

    It’s not been easy, but as my coach has told me, no-one or nothing can take away those days I’ve had of being PF. I’m aiming for my 100 days on here, so I can gain my Trichstar status! I know I can do it I I /we can all beat this.

    I hope the CBT helps. Keep us posted and updated.

    Take care,
    Lisa xx
  • Hey Curlylocks

    How have things been since you joined us? I hope you have found your freedom from pulling. I would definitely recommend trichotillomania toys. I would also take a photo close up of any damage you have done and measure it, making a promise to yourself to make it smaller

    Keep us informed, we’re here to help.

    Love and pull freedom

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