Let’s get this forum rocking!!!

Hi all,

I know a couple of us said about getting the forum bigger than FB, so I thought I’d put the question out there to see what ideas people have to help make this happen? I know the forums are helping me just by writing stuff down and sharing with you guys who understand- please don’t anyone feel pressured, it’s just a thought.

I wondered for those who are have been on FB, what it is/was that makes/made you check your account regularly? For me, it was about seeing what other’s were doing, their new pics etc, and I won’t lie, to see how many likes I had received or who had liked other people’s post. I personally found FB addictive, & I didn’t want another “addiction” trich is enough, but wouldn’t it be great for our community to have somwhere we can ALL interact more frequently?

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.
Lisa x


  • Thanks so much for posting this, Lisa. I really appreciate your support!

    Love and pull freedom

  • I think we need some more links/buttons on the website to sign post people here. I'll see what I can do x

  • That sounds great Michelle. 👍🏻X
  • Hey. Love this Lisa!!

    Totally agree. I deleted Facebook last year because I just found myself browsing at peoples photos of what they had for dinner for hours on end!!!

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