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I'm Ruby and I have had tric for 2 years now. I also suffer from severe eczema and that does not help my tric. I'm trying to go 3 hours pullfree daily, which is going well😁! Has anyone got any tips to help with being pullfree for 3 hours? Xx
Love Ruby xx🦄🎀💕💖🐾


  • Hi Ruby, welcome to the forum, I hope you find some useful tips on here. Everyone’s really friendly and kind.
    I’ve been in coaching for over a year now, my longest pull free period was last year, 70 some odd days. I’m currently back on track and today is day 51 for me. It’s hard and yesterday evening was the first time in a while where my urges were really high. I lost a lash, saw it on my cheek, rubbed it against my lip and my goodness, didn’t that open up the “urge gate!!”
    I took my ring of my finger and fiddled with that in one hand, and I have a spiked exercise ball (you can get them online) and I ran that through the palm of my other hand- it works a treat for me as it's sending the pain signal to a different part of my body without causing harm. I’ve taken up knitting, annoyingly something that was always suggested to me when I was younger ( I’m 35 and started pulling at the age of 11.) I’ve used Kirby grips that you slide in your hair. I found that because I would run the hairs along my lip, the grips gave the same sensation for me.
    I’ve heard of gloves on the hands, sitting on hands, anything that really keeps your hands occupied. I’ve also found when I get a prickly or itchy eye, just to rub it with the back of my arm. Again, fingers aren’t going anywhere near the eyes, so I don’t cause temptation. I think some of the people on the forum also use an app. I don’t know about it myself, as I haven’t used it. My last suggestion, again which is something I’m doing a lot more of, is just being kinder to myself. Reminding myself that it will be ok, I don’t need to pull, I will get through things, I’m worthy of self love & most importantly I just need to be pull free in this moment. Hope something from here helps & let us know how you’re getting on. Take care. x
  • Hi Ruby-1 WELCOME to the forum!!! I am so happy to see you here. You won’t regret joining this fun family. I know you will love the picture I chose for you. Take Lisa’s advice, hun - you can totally nail this! Love the skin you’re in! It is getting better all the time. Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Ruby, and welcome! There is lots of information on the site and great tips to be found. It helps to keep hands busy - I find using hand cream, painting nails, keeping something in my hands (stress ball etc) really help me. I definitely agree with Lisa about being kinder to ourselves, I think that makes the biggest difference of all.
    Good luck on your journey and do keep us updated :-)
    Love Amy x
  • Thank you for commenting and giving me suggestions! Also, I'll try being kinder to myself xx🦄🎀💖💕🐾
  • Hey Ruby. You can do this, we’re all behind you!! ❤️ Let us know how you get on. x
  • How is your challenge going Ruby? xx

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