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Hi, I'm new :-) I've been a hair puller since I was a teenager, and at the age of 41, I still reach for my hair when I'm stressed out, in fact I always do. It was worse when I was younger, and i did start pulling my eyelashes too. I'm kind of resigned to the fact that the urge will never go ( it never has in all these years) but it's less frequent and causes less damage, so i kind of live with it. I just wondered if anyone could relate to something ive found. When I reach for my hair and it's very clean, or freshly washed, I resist pulling- almost like the hairs not 'bad' and doesnt feel right to pull. Crazy I know, but the hairs I pull out are always the 'imposter' wiry hairs, that i feel im 'getting rid of' in a sort of perfectionist kind of way. So I can say my pulling is greatly reduced when I have cleaner hair. Anyone else find this?


  • Totally! When it was silky smooth I never felt like pulling, lmaree but even one or two days since I had washed my hair, I would be all over it! Washing hair daily is a great way to stay on top of things. Welcome to the family, lmaree

  • I can totally relate to this. For me, half of the problem is not the pulling but the constant feeling through my hair trying to find the gross wiry ones. Also I find it’s worse when you can see all the split ends and you just think about how much you’ve hate your hair!!

  • Thanks for the replies! I thought it might be the same for others. With the wiry hairs, I'm pretty sure a lot of them exist because they're from damaged hair follicles (from pulling) so it's a bit of a vicious circle ( I could be wrong, but my hairs in bad condition at least, from pulling)
    It's a tough thing to live with when it's bad, and my heart goes out to all sufferers. Stress is the trigger for me undoubtedly, and this is a great forum to try and help each other :-) xx
  • Hi, and welcome! :-)

    Yes I can totally relate to this! Having freshly washed hair definitely makes a difference. The texture of un-washed hair feels way more pullable to me. Also I think it’s a self care thing as well - I usually wash my hair every other day but when I leave it for a third day, my urges increase - partly because of the hair texture, but also partly because I haven’t taken good care of myself and that in itself leads to higher urges.
  • I agree on the self care point you make! You feel different as a person when you've taken care of yourself ie washing your hair. It's nice to know there are similarities in each other's experiences, so we can try and understand it better. Thanks for the reply :-)
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