My names Ava and I’m new to this thing. I’m 17 and I’ve been pulling for about 2-3 years now but I really want to stop especially before exams next year as it makes it really hard to study and it was also getting to a really bad, to a point where people were noticing me do it.
I guess I was just wondering how everyone else is getting on-it’s nice to know you’re not completely crazy and I guess it’d also be nice to talk to someone who understands what it’s like. If anyone has any tips on what to do to stop the urges when you’re revising that’d be great!! Thanks


  • Hi Ava
    Really great to see you write here :)
    You are most definitely not alone !!!!!
    Im 25 and I’ve been pulling for about 10 years and I find it incredibly frustrating :(
    Like you mention you pull a lot when revising, I also pull when concentrating. Perhaps you could get a fiddly toy to fiddle with while revising. These new craze of ‘squishies’ are great. They also feel quite therapeutic and a good distraction. Also perhaps every time you get an urge.... before you pull on a piece of paper do a small line and start creating almost a tally. I was introduced to this by a CBT therapist a few years ago. Making you aware of your urge drawing a line can ease the urge and distract you from pulling.

    Ava, remember your not alone and write here whenever you need too.

    Hope you hear from you soon

    Katie x
  • Hi Ava,

    Welcome to the forums, you’ll find these a great place for support, I personally find it incredibly helpful. I’m 35, and started pulling at the age of 11. I’m currently 33 days PF,& have been in therapy (through this page coaching.care) since June last year. There’s a great community on here, so hope you find it helpful.

    Like Katie, I use fidget spinners to help with urges. I also use Kirby grips and my favourite is a small exercise ball I have with spikes on. When I have a high urge, I run this through the palm of my hand & find the urge reduces. The other thing is to remember the urge WILL pass & if you can, try & breathe through it. Also, if you find that when you’re revising the pulling is greater, set yourself a timer for every 10 minutes or so, just to get up and move around. My therapist recommended this for me (especially when I’m sat watching tv) or if I’m having to concentrate. It’s been fascinating learning about our bodies and the chemical changes that occur for people like us with trich. It’s not about identifying what causes the urges, just learning to ride them through.

    I believe in you Ava, and know you can do this. Stay strong and keep in touch.

    Hope everything’s going well with you Katie. I agree with your comment on another thread about making the forums better than FB. I closed my account as well, it got really annoying seeing people with their “supposedly” wonderful lives!! Let’s go for it, and make the forums BIG!!

    Hugs to you both. Lisa xx
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