Tired of fighting

For 16 years I have suffered with this awful problem and everything I have told myself that I won't do it to myself anymore... I find myself with yet again no eyelashes or bald spots on my head.

Once my eldest started school... I felt a bit better.. Bit happier... I felt I had my life back a bit.. Then I met someone and had a child with him and I'm back to being a stay at home mum which is only fuelling the desire to pull and pull and pull and no one cares and no one listens and I'm tired if fighting this on my own.
Can can anyone help?


  • i've also bbeen pulling it's very hard to stop

  • Hi Rosie, sorry things are tough right now :( . It sounds like you know what you'd like to be doing. Is it possible for you to do some work or a hobby or something outside of the home so you feel more like you? It's easy to lose ourselves in motherhood. Our wants and needs completely disappear for a while! But you deserve time for yourself too.

    Have you seen the support pages on the trich support site? There's tips and advice there and you can contact for more support https://www.trichotillomania.co.uk/support.php x

  • I find sometimes that if I’m restless or anxious, then that can lead to destructive habits. Maybe taking up a craft like knitting or needlework can help you occupy your brain and hands enough to provide some distraction and a sense of achievement? I have also found that there are lots of online courses and things that you can do for free, and maybe something like this can help you feel like you’re being productive as well as stimulating your brain. Staying home with children is wonderful and important work, but it can be lonely and contact with others, especially online, can really be a big help. I hope you can find some support here, with people who know how you are feeling.
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