Anyone here from the ‘old’ forums, it’s ages since I looked at this site & lots has changed!
I used to be dinkydarah on this site a very long time ago...probably around 2003? I went to a meet up in Hertfordshire (I think) and a meal out meet up in Birmingham. A lady called Helen gave me a lift and I used to chat on here with Neo, Cookie, Ruth, Spinner, Jooster....just wondered if anyone is still here?

A bit about me
I’ve been pulling for about 22 years, started with eyebrows & lashes, then scalp. I don’t pull lashes & eyebrows anymore but I still pull from my scalp and have a very large bald patch, currently with a nasty scab on that I’m also picking (which is new for me)and some areas with thin hair. I had support from CAMHS as a teenager and I’ve had counselling, which led to a course of CBT a couple of years ago. I was pull free during CBT and for 2 months afterwards, now worse than ever. I was pull free for a while with support from here about 12 years ago. I’ve tecently had more counselling around other issues, which I’ve found really helpful.

I’m here again looking for up to date information and the wonderful support I remember receiving last time I was here.


  • Hi Throopster! Good to see you. There's still lots of support :smile: . I'm sure some of the old members will be kicking around somewhere

  • Hey Throopster

    OMG - I remember you. Huge hug. I am still here. Amy is here, and Ghostgirl - but a lot of the old crew have moved on. Facebook was pretty much the death of the old site. So great to see you.

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I really hope you will stick around and both give and receive some of that fantastic support.

    As for the scab, please put some coconut oil on it ASAP. It has the most amazing healing properties and we absolutely don't want you having another BFRB to bother about.

    Thinking of you - please stick around to bring the site back to how it used to be. I can't do it without you.

    As for me. I'm 56 now and spend more and more of my time doing full time coaching, which realistically means I can't get in here as often as I would like but I too miss the support - particularly that old thread about how we were all feeling on the day. At the moment I feel so overwhelmed with emails and work! Oh well, this isn't about me. See you soon and come on - give us 14 days pull free. You can do this. Please post back and let me know when you have done the first 3 days pf.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi! I’m new around here but hoping to help people to connect with this community and to access all the wonderful support that’s available here.
  • Hi, I used to be on the forums a lot, I joined in 2006 and recognise all the names you mentioned :-) I agree that the forums went quiet since Facebook, which is a shame xx
  • I still have the most irrational loathing of facebook because of it :o

  • Hi. I’m not from the old forums I’m quite new but hey let’s get these forums better than Facebook!! (I deleted Facebook) so don’t want to feel cut off from the world! :-o
  • KTL123
    I LOVE Y <3 U - please try! xxxxx

  • Hello all! I used to be hp in the forums...since 2006. So glad I'm back. It does feel more comfortable to be open and honest here, not like Facebook for sure! Maybe we can get some good discussions going. I know it was the best thing for me to find out there were so many others just like me. I had spent most of my life feeling completely alone and like a freak.

  • hello all

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