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My name is Marco and I first started pulling the front part of my widows peak when I was 8 years old until I was 11, I was younger back then so it felt easy to fall of the habit. But, now I am turning 18 and it's almost been an entire year since I started pulling my hair again, currently I pull on the back left and right corners of my head but I feel like I am soon going to start pulling my beard hairs more. I've tried denying the fact that I there may be something wrong with me, and all those around are only able to tell me "Just stop pulling your hair". When I first noticed my tendencies coming back in my junior year of high school, I decided to cut all my hair off so I wouldn't be able to pull anything, however now I grew my hair out again and I've begun pulling two times worse than before, I've developed a small bald spot on the left corner of my head, and although I am not terribly self conscious about it I know it is a problem. I don't really know why I joined here, I guess it was to find remedies, but I also just wanted to be able to talk about it since no one can really relate to me in my small circle of friends.


  • Hi Marco. You have done the right thing in talking about this with people who are going through the same thing. First off you need to let others know not to tell you that you are pulling or to tell you not to do it, it increases anxiety and actually makes it worse. If they persist then be blunt, because this is actually a big trigger. You need to know that although having trich isn't great it's ok, don't worry about pulling and cut yourself some slack. It helped me massively. Accept Trich and you will probably find it reduces a lot. Hope this helps.
  • I had long term denial bout it being a prob, tell myself it's basically the same thing as nail biting but a lot more destructive in nature and appearance and I am just unlucky. Wish I could "just stop pulling your hair out" as many o so helpful people have suggested. I also pull the tufty hairs at back of my head creeping onto neck cos its not as bad as the top of my head. I do the little whispy ones along forehead to. Seeing as I cant seem to stop, it seems like a better option/compromise than pulling straight from the top of my head.

  • Hi Marco. First of all, welcome and I hope you can find this to be a safe space to talk about things with like minded people who know how you’re feeling. Secondly, don’t be afraid to set boundaries with people and tell them that the things they say aren’t helping you. It’s perfectly ok to say ‘please don’t do this’ and thus protect yourself from other people who are misunderstanding the issue. I’m linking the support pages here and hopefully you can find some hints and help there too.

  • I started pulling when I first started 7th grade (so about 2 years ish ago) and I don’t really remember doing it, all I remember is one day I just had less lashes. I kept doing it and doing it, and would say after I did it, “I’ll not do it again”. Then around the end of 2017, I looked up what it was and it said something of trich. (Shortened cause I’m not fully sure how to spell it.) and I was still doing it and I don’t recall much. Summer came and I told myself that I would stop doing it, just to get a hot glow up. And I picked yet again. I was also learning that I was going to move to Washington state (I live in Ohio so very far away from family) I was upset and my mom didn’t give me it the nice way she just straight up said we are moving. Then in january of 2018 she said we weren’t moving and I was happy and felt better. At that time I haven’t picked for like two weeks so my lashes were growing. Then in February I had most lashes filled (bald spots weren’t noticeable). Later at the end of February I picked a few lashes while watching a movie. So I obviously knew my Bordem was coming over me. I kept picked through March and left bald spots mainly on my left eye, and a little on the right. I also forgot to mention I pulled my eyebrows as well but I got over that in November of 2017 and I haven’t really picked it since. I did tell my close friends and mom about it and my mom just says just stop it or else. I talked to my online friends about it a little bit. So yeah I do have my breaks and I start. But day to day I’m learning ways to not pull. I’m learning to love myself more. I’m cureently an 8th grader at the moment. Please know to people who pull their hairs, it’s a sow process. It takes time. And no I haven’t seen a doctor, my mom says I’m fine. But I might tak to her about this cause I’m crying a little and I just wanna let it out. I can’t hold it in. If you ever need to talk, my instagram is @oliviaxpuff. My dms are always open for a chat :)
  • Hi Olivia. I’m happy you found this place and I hope you can get some good support here and find someone to talk to, who’ll listen without judgement.
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