Help me with my bad habit; Trick

Hey guys im new to this.... i have been suffering with trich for year on and off but most recently i have been struggling i been plucking my eyelashes and eyebrows for two years straight and its only getting worse. I notice it usually happens when im stressed when I do homework assignments or study because so much pressure is put on me to pass my college classes. Im 20 years old and im sick of contantly wearing fake eyelashes and drawing in my eyebrows. I need help and advice desperately I feel like im out of control it makes me hyperventilate....


  • Hi Ronnie

    I am sorry that you are under such pressure to pass your classes. Does the pressure come from you or somone else?

    It is hard to face this condition, to pull and whish that you wouldn't. You don't deserve this - nobody deserve this. It is not a punishment but it is a problem that only you can solve. Could you put bandaids on your thumbs or fingers while studying?

    You deserve to be safe from damage by your own hands. If you are clever enough to do well in college you are clever enough to do it without pulling but we all understand how much this hurts.

    Just do your best, both in college and with your eyes.

  • How are you doing now, Ronnie? We are all thinking of you and believe in your ability to overcome the pulling.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Ronnie, hope you’re ok? Carla gave some really great words of advice and comfort. Would be good to hear how you’re doing if you’re still around.
  • Hi Ronnie I can completely relate to what you posted. When I was finishing a PhD my eyes were almost bald - I think it was the worst I've ever been.. Right now i almost have s complete set of eyelashes so I don't even wear makeup some days at the moment, but that has been a long journey of ups and downs In fact when I do wear makeup it seems to make pulling worse. I think stress can lead to more hair loss anyway. I use micropore tape on my brows to make it harder to pull when at home. Also washing my face or just splashing water on it seems to soothe my urges. Looking at screens a lot can dry your eyes & make them sore/itchy so eye drops/spray might help? I don't know what to advise, but try to be kind to yourself. x

  • Hi Whacky, welcome aboard! I am pleased to meet you. Congratulations for having a full set of lashes - absolutely AWESOME. Thanks for your very supportive and positive post. Really appreciated and looking forward to seeing a lot more of you around here.

    Love and pull freedom

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