chronic fatigue and deep bone pain

My days are getting more difficult as the weather gets colder and I am already worried about whether it will snow this year. If I turn my heating on, my nose gets so blocked I can't breathe so I sit bundled up in blankets with a hot water bottle most of the time. I am 24 going on 104. Feeling down today. Hoping someone will relate and perhaps there will be comfort in sharing our stories.


  • Hi Carla

    I have this and I entirely understand what you mean. I have been freezing tonight and my nose won't stop running. With my nose it is one thing or another - blocked or won't stop, nothing in the middle. Well my nose IS in the middle of my face, I am glad to say.

    There has been some new gene research today on pain relief so at least we are not bneing ignored. It is easy to feel like people don't care about chronic pain but I read today in the Telegraph that rodents with chronic pain have had a gene mutation bred out of them and they no longer flinch after being touched. Breakthrough hopefully. Glad to bring you good news.

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