I am desperate to stop hair pulling

Hi, I need to talk to people that have the same problem as me. I have been hair pulling for 16 years now and I have to stop, as Ive got away with it not being THAT noticeable, but now, you can see the thinning patches. I am incredibly embarrassed and worried about losing my hair and having to wear a wig. I am just so upset, I have had cbt in the past but she concentrated on my panic attacks rather than the hair pulling. I have recently tried to get help again and have been refused cbt from the local 'time to talk' therapists as they feel i need relationship therapy first, I feel noone will help me and I am just so scared of going bald. Just want to talk to someone who understands me and doesn't turn me away when I try and ask for help.


  • Hi Bambam. We do understand! Have you tried messaging the people at Trichotillomania Support through the website?

  • Hey BamBam

    I'm the lead coach at trichotillomania.co.uk and I saw this just now.

    I do understand your situation and I can't emphasise strongly enough how important it is to stop NOW, not when your relationship is sorted out. Nevertheless I would love to hear about your relationship and see if I can help.

    CBT is a difficult one - there are many preferred methods for treating trichotillomania now, such as the one we use, which is ACT. A book you might find helpful is The Reality Slap, which explains Act and how it works.

    Stay in touch and I know you will find lots of support around here.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi Bambam,
    I've just joined and I wondered if you got help. Your post struck a chord with me as the desperation to understand and be understood is how I felt.
    I'm living with the consequences of pulling out my scalp hair for 35 years. When I first sought help no one understood me either and I lived in fear of exposure for years after negative reactions from family, friends and health professionals.
    Since joining this forum I have learnt that we, the actual persons with this, understand it the best! and I believe it helps to share our thoughts and experiences by posting these. Hope you post again soon, with an update on how you are doing.
    Julie :)

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