Trich Tips

Hi All

Just though we can get a new thread running for some practical and helpful tips and advice to stop pulling and lower urges.

Would love to hear from all of you out there what you try to do when urges are high? Does it work? Or does it not?
Maybe how you even prevent the urges altogether?

We could all be helping each by sharing those ideas!

Waiting to hear from you all.
Who know's who will help you or who you will help!😉

Lots of love and pull freedom,
😘 Joy


  • Great thread Joy. Stress is a big problem for me, but it often sneaks up on me. I try now to do 1 or 2 small stress relieving activities every day to try to keep it at bay, rather than waiting until it's a problem again.

  • Hey Michelle

    So good hearing from you again!😍😍

    Stress is a hard one for me too. It also gets me so busy overthinking... The worst is before traveling. Like I'm travelling tomorrow night, so I was up quite a few hours last night pulling late into the night, stressing about packing, having everything sorted before then, and how my itinerary is going to play out. Dah!

    But then decided I better get up and move somewhere else to stop my pulling. Better yet, I got up for a shower! Then my hair wasn't so easy to pull anyway.

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