Overcome Trichotillomania

I have always found that as the hair begins to grow again the trichotillomania comes back and bald spots form all over again. You can over come trichotillomania by keeping yourself occupied with positive activities all day everyday. Trichotillomania is a serious condition that wastes your time, and you have to be serious about fighting it from all corners. I Think you obtain mindful strength to fight the hair pulling urges. Thanks



  • Hi Johnathan, I've only just joined this forum and I'm reading through posts and learning a lot from other peoples experiences. I may sound naive but in my mind I was the only one in the world with this problem. kept hidden for years for fear, like others, being labelled when I didn't even have a label for myself! Bottom line is I'm human and flawed and learning to accept my flaw and be proud, yes, proud that I have the strength to admit this on here for the world to see and comment and keep the communication going.

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