Lucy Enliven Star bracelet

A beautiful wrist embellishment, this bracelet is unique and handmade. Lucy Enliven Star bracelet  has a feel of fresh frost and funky, decorative grasses. A beautiful apple green Murano star forms the centrepiece. This lays beautifully on your wrist and also has one large silver-coloured bell, which tips you off when your hand is in the danger-zone.  This bracelet is a pretty, adjustable way to feel safe from your own hands. 

A lot of loving work has gone into this item of jewellery, handmade in the rehab environment for relapse prevention. 

We recommend you use our starred bracelets as rewards for avoiding your unwanted behaviours and they come with instructions to help you resist.

We have given you some extra twiddle room on this bracelet, and as you can see, the star swivels.  Fiddly, funky and fun.

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Lucy Enliven Star bracelet

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